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ScienseBeyond Science: Explanation of Three Ways of Time Travel

Beyond Science: Explanation of Three Ways of Time Travel

Friends, scientists tell three such methods of time travel, through which you too can time travel, which is absolutely correct scientifically. All you need is the technology that can make time travel possible for you. This concept of time travel is not an imaginary thing. Science books clearly say that time travel is absolutely possible. Time travel was first mentioned in the year 1895. When H. G. Wells wrote a novel named “The Time Machine”, this word became very popular. Although this novel was completely science fictional. But this novel created a stir in the scientific world and scientists started wondering whether time travel could really be possible. After this, scientists kept giving one theory after another related to time travel and explained the methods by which time travel could be possible. So friends, today through this blog we will tell you Beyond Science: Explanation of Three Ways of Time Travel suggested by scientists, through which you too can time travel.

Newton’s Time Travel Theory

Newton's Time Travel Theory
Newton’s Time Travel Theory

Friends, in Newton’s theory of time travel, it is said that actually understanding time is a complex task. The definition of time can be different for everyone; someone considers a ticking clock as time. So one looks at time from the changes taking place in the universe.

But Sir Isaac Newton saw time as an arrow. Just as an arrow can only go forward after leaving the bow, it cannot return. Similarly, time is also moving in the forward direction like an arrow. In which time is moving from the past through the present towards the future. Which scientists also call “The Arrow of Time”. In this, as the arrow of time is moving towards the future through the present, the moments of the present are merging into the past, and the moments of the future are transforming into the present. Newton also said that this arrow of time is moving towards the future at a fixed speed. And time can never go back.

Albert Einstein’s Time Travel Theory

Albert Einstein's Time Travel Theory
Albert Einstein’s Time Travel Theory

Albert Einstein’s perspective on time travel was very different. He completely changed the definition of time. Albert Einstein saw time as an illusion. Einstein believed that time is like a river. Just as the flow of water in a river is slow at some places, the flow of water is very fast at some places. Similarly, in the universe, time is moving slowly at some places and at fast speed at other places.

Albert Einstein also said that the past, present and future are also an illusion. And all three of these times already exist in the universe. Change is another form of time. Time is moving forward at a rapid pace on this earth. The only way we can estimate it is that in the Second Law of Thermodynamics there is a term “entropy” which we can also call order to disorder. You can understand this with an example. Just like if you drop a glass on the floor, it will break. Now you can never make that glass the same as before. To take another example, we can simply get older. But one cannot become a child even if one wants to. In this way the time of our entire universe is continuously moving towards a change. This process can be called order to disorder. This is called change, which makes us feel the passage of time and realize that time is passing.

According to Albert Einstein, time is a fourth dimension. Like in this 3D world of ours, we can go anywhere in these three dimensions. Similarly, when we go forward or backward in the fourth dimension of time, we travel in the past or future. If in future we create a time machine which can control this fourth dimension, then with the help of this time machine we can control it as per our wish. And can travel in time.

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Ways of Time Travel

In the year 1905, Albert Einstein was working as a clerk in a Swiss patent office in Germany. And through a thought experiment, he discovered something that was going to create a stir in the world of science. Einstein believed that as we move faster, the speed of time slows down for us. After this discovery, people started connecting time travel with reality and started telling new ways of time travel. Now you are going to time travel with me. I know that this is not possible with our current technology. But we can at least do a thought experiment.

First method: Time Travel via Speed

Time Travel via Speed
Time Travel via Speed

Suppose you have a spaceship that can move at the speed of light. Well, let me tell you that nothing can move faster than the speed of light in this universe, the speed of light is the fastest speed in this universe. Which is approximately 3 lakh km per second.

So let’s take our imagination forward. You bought two identical watches from the market, one of which you kept in your spaceship and the other watch you left at home. And you set the date and time exactly the same in both the watches. Your spaceship takes off, you start moving at the speed of light. And for you, time is going on the same way as it was going on before. But if there is a third observer, who is keeping an eye on the watches of both of you, then he will clearly see the difference in the watches of both of you. The clock in the spaceship would be running very slowly as compared to the clock on earth. Meaning time has slowed down for you. And time on earth is moving at the same normal speed. So the third observer will see a huge change.

He will see that by the time only five minutes have passed in your spaceship, two days will have passed on Earth. And if you keep traveling at this speed for a whole day, then 19 months will pass on Earth. And the most surprising thing is that the pace of time will remain normal for you too. And the speed of time will remain normal for the people present on earth also. No one will notice that there has been any change in the speed of time. But the third observer watching both of you would clearly see the difference. If you continue to run your spaceship at this speed for 5 years, then 2860 years will have passed on Earth.

After traveling at almost the speed of light in a spaceship for five consecutive years, when you return to Earth, you will realize what a huge leap you have taken in time. When you left Earth in a spaceship, you were 25 years old. But right now you are only 30 years old. And you have reached the future 2860 years ahead of your time. Whatever you left behind on earth, everything must have changed in these 2860 years. This is called time dialing. Friends, the time travel you have done now is a one way ticket to the future. Meaning, you can go to the future with this method, but you cannot return and you will remain there.

Second method: Time Travel via Gravity

Time Travel via Gravity
Time Travel via Gravity

Friends, I told you some time ago that Albert Einstein considered time like a river. Just as the flow of water in a river is not uniform. Similarly, the speed of time is not the same everywhere in the universe. And the reason for this is the gravity of different planets or stars of the universe. Einstein believed that, where the effect of gravity is more. Time moves slowly there. And where gravity is less, time passes faster.

The movement of time is different on all the planets in our solar system. As time on the Sun and Jupiter would be passing slower than on Earth. But the gravity of Jupiter and Sun is not so much that they can affect time much. Therefore, we will not see much difference in the time of the Sun and Earth. But there are objects in the universe millions and billions of times heavier than the Sun. Which are affecting time to a great extent. Like black hole.

Einstein considered black holes to be a natural time machine. Because the gravity of a black hole is so intense, it bends even light 360 degrees. If you spend just one hour near a black hole, many years will pass on Earth in that time. And when you return to Earth you will find yourself in the future. Friends, this concept has been shown in Hollywood’s Interstellar movie. In which there was a planet near the black hole, on which if just one hour was spent, then 7 years would pass on Earth.

Friends, by doing time travel in this way, we can only go to the future. But we cannot return. Both these time travel methods are scientifically possible. With both these time travel methods, we can only go into the future of others, not into our own future.

Third method: Time Travel via Wormholes

Time Travel via Wormholes
Time Travel via Wormholes

Friends, we want to be able to travel in instant time and make huge leaps in time in a single moment. So don’t be disappointed, because scientists have also given the theory of instant time travel. And that is, the theory of Wormholes. Scientists believe that Wormholes in the universe are shortcuts that can help us travel millions of kilometers away. Friends, if you have seen the Hollywood movie Doctor Strange, then this concept has been used in it. Scientists say that with the help of Wormholes, we can create such shortcuts in time, through which we can go anywhere in the past or future. This means that through Wormholes we can not only travel long distances in space, but can also make huge leaps in time. Wormholes are portals that create shortcuts in time. With the help of Wormhole, we can do instant time travel in both the past and future. If we want to see the origin of humans. Or if we want to see dinosaurs, then we can go to that era with the help of Wormhole, and can also come back to our era.

This concept of Wormhole sounds very good, but it also has limitations. Scientists believe that Wormholes are created and destroyed around us every moment. But those Wormholes are so small that we cannot see them. These Wormholes are smaller than an atom, and as soon as Wormholes are formed, they are destroyed immediately.

In such a situation, if we have to time travel through a Wormhole, then we will have to enlarge that Wormhole so that we can enter into it. And there will be a need for a technology that can control these Wormholes. So that we can create such a Wormhole as per our own where we have to travel in time. And we also have to stop that Wormhole from closing. Because it might happen that, even if we go to the era of dinosaurs, if the Wormhole closes before we return, we will remain stuck there.

At present, friends, in today’s time our scientists do not have any such technology by which we can travel in time by creating Wormholes. Now if we assume that we have created such a time machine. With the help of which we can do instant time travel in both past and future. So is it scientifically possible that we can change our present by going into the past and correcting the mistakes made by us? And will it have any impact on our lives? Well the answer to this will be a bit mind boggling. Because if we try to go into our past and change it, then we will give birth to a paradox here. Friends, this article will continue till the next part in which we will know about the paradoxes of time travel.

So in this blog we tell you Beyond Science: Explanation of Three Ways of Time Travel. Hope you find this information interesting and good, then do not forget to share this blog with your friends and relatives. And thank you very much for reading the blog till the end. Keep Reading…. Keep Safe….!

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