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WorldExplanation of The Shock Mysteries of Ram Setu (Adam's Bridge)

Explanation of The Shock Mysteries of Ram Setu (Adam’s Bridge)

Friends, if someone tells you that there is a bridge in the world which was built thousands of years ago and its special thing is that it is a floating bridge. So there will be curiosity in your mind about how and why it was made. We are talking about Adam’s Bridge, also known as Ram Bridge or Ram Setu, which spans 30 miles and is believed to have been constructed about 18,400 years ago. It is a natural limestone bridge located on Pamban Island, also known as Rameshwaram Island, off the south-eastern coast of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, between India and Sri Lanka. The special thing about this bridge is that it is floating on water, hence it is also called a floating bridge. This place is not only a part of Indian elements and history but also remains a mystery due to the mysteries hidden around it. So friends, through this article we will tell you about Explanation of The Shock Mysteries of Ram Setu (Adam’s Bridge) as well as discuss a little history about it.

Why Adam’s Bridge (Ram Setu) So Mysterious?

Ram Setu (Adam's Bridge), Shock Mysteries of Ram Setu
Ram Setu (Adam’s Bridge)

Adam’s Bridge is an ancient bridge connecting the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka. There are many reasons why this place is mysterious, some of which are as follows:

Spiritual Significance: Due to the description of Ram Setu in the Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki, it is considered a source of spiritual importance in Hinduism. According to mythology, it is attributed to Lord Shri Ram, who built this bridge through Nala and Neel to save his wife Sita Mata from Ravana.

Scientific Mystery: Rama Setu Bridge is a road bridge that connects Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu and Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. This bridge has been the subject of scientific debate as to whether it is natural or man-made. However, some historians believe that it is man-made, which was used as transportation.

It is mentioned in Ramayana that the bridge was constructed with floating stones. The surprising thing is that such floating stones are still scattered all over Rameshwaram. Scientific theory suggests that it consists of a series of natural limestone shoals, which are sedimentary rocks formed from the accumulation of calcium carbonate. This may explain the linear formation of the rocks that form this bridge.

Historical Connection: There were many forts and archaeological sites around Adam’s Bridge which makes it even more mysterious. The evidence found during the excavation here makes it clear that there must have been a big cultural and historical center in ancient times.

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Brief history of Adam’s Bridge (Ram Setu)

Ram Setu Bridge, also known as Adam’s Bridge, is mentioned in the Ramayana, the ancient epic of Hinduism. Lord Rama built the bridge to reach Sri Lanka and save his wife Sita from Ravana, which was done by Rama’s monkey army led by Nala and Neel.

According to Samudrik Shastra study, this bridge is about 7,000 years old. However, the Geological Survey of India dates it to 125,000 years ago. It is believed that there may have been significant fluctuations in sea level in this area and during this time sand may have been deposited on the exposed sea bridge.

Archaeological Assessment: In modern times, metals, inscriptions and tombstones found during excavations around Adams Bridge show that it is an ancient bridge.

Scientific Research: Scientific research has also revealed that certain bones and stones have been discovered beneath the sea, providing clear evidence that some structures were constructed at this location in the past.

Some special things related to Ram Setu:

  • It is mentioned in the mythology of Hindu, Muslim and many religions.
  • According to the Ramayana written by Valmiki, the construction of Ram Setu was completed in about five days.
  • Brave kings of India had visited Sri Lanka many times through Ram Setu.
  • Navigation in this area is difficult due to Ram Setu.


Adam’s Bridge, also known as Ram Setu, is imbued with Hinduism, historical significance, and scientific inquiry. Its history, intertwined with polytheistic elements and mystery, is closely connected to Hindu beliefs. By preserving this site and comprehending its significance, we can further our exploration.

Many researchers and scientists have attempted to unravel the mystery of this ancient bridge, but as of now, no concrete evidence has been discovered.

In fact, Adam’s Bridge is not only an important site in Hinduism, but its rich history and mystery also gives us a chance to see it from a new perspective. Through in-depth exploration of this place, we can adopt new principles within our cultural and religious ideology and accept it as an extremely influential geographical entity.

So friends, as time progresses, the mystery of this huge Ram Setu will increase further. So today we revealed some new secrets about this Explanation of The Shock Mysteries of Ram Setu (Adam’s Bridge). We hope that the information given by us will be useful to you. keep reading…………! keep smiling…………!

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