ScienseSecrets of the mona lisa painting | Mysteries of mona lisa painting

Secrets of the mona lisa painting | Mysteries of mona lisa painting

If there is one most mysterious painting in the world, it is the painting of Mona Lisa. This painting by Leonardo da Vinci is the most mysterious painting in the world. Scientists from all over the world are also surprised to know the secrets of the painting of Mona Lisa painting, because this painting has failed the rules of science around the world. Well, so today we will tell you, what is the secret of Mona Lisa painting. And some things related to the secret of Mona Lisa painting that you would hardly know.

Who is Mona Lisa?

The Secret of the Mona Lisa Painting
The Secret of the Mona Lisa Painting

The painting of Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world. The Mona Lisa painting was created by Leonardo da Vinci, which is still present in the Louvre Museum in France and is worth 1000 million dollars. Da Vinci was a painter as well as a writer, but he never wrote anything about this painting. Nor has it ever been told which woman this painting belongs to. Some people say that in this painting he made himself as a woman.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April 1452 in the city of Vinci, Italy, and this is the reason that Vinci is applied after his name. In ancient times, Leonardo da Vinci was known as Italy’s most famous scientist, discoverer and artist. And even today he is known all over the world for his talent. He has been ranked as the most talented person in the whole world by the Archaeological Heritage.

The Secret of the Mona Lisa Painting

Mysterious smile – It is believed that many secrets were hidden inside the woman whose painting was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. That’s why this painting is equally mysterious. Perhaps this is the reason why the smile of this painting is also a mystery till date. If we talk about the secret of the smile of this painting, then looking at it from different angles, the smile of this painting is different. And during the painting research, a doctor told that Mona Lisa’s upper two teeth were broken, due to which her upper lip is buried inside.

The painting was made in 14 years – Leonardo da Vinci took 14 years to make this painting. He started making this painting in 1503, and completed this painting in 1517. It is believed that it took only 12 years to make his lips in this painting. More than 30 color layers were used to make this painting. Some of these color layers are finer than a human hair. This painting is 30*21 inches. Its weight is 8 kg.

Painting that became famous after theft – This painting was not so famous before, but it became quite famous after being stolen from the Louvre Museum Paris. On August 21, 1911, the theft of paintings from such a large museum was a big deal. The museum was closed for a week after its theft, that the painting may have been somewhere inside the museum itself. After much research, it was found that this painting was stolen by an employee of the museum, Vincenzo Perugia. This person was from Italy. He wanted to take this painting back to Italy. He believed that it was the heritage of Italy. After some time in Italy, it was put back in the museum. While Vincenzo was sentenced to 6 months for this theft, but the people of Italy welcomed him for his patriotism.

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