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how many megapixels is the human eye | Resolution of Human Eye

What do we not see with our eyes every day, and we all know how important our eyes are to us. Whatever our eyes see, their picture reaches our brain and then our brain understands the surrounding objects. And we can see this colorful world view with our own eyes. But have you ever wondered how many megapixels our eyes are? If you do not know, today we will tell you through this blog how many megapixels are our eyes? ( How Many Megapixels Is The Human Eye )

How do we see an object?

Resolution Of Human Eye
Resolution Of Human Eye

This is such a subject, to understand which we need to know a little bit of science. If we talk according to science, when light hits an object and falls on the retina of our eyes, then the image of the object is formed on the retina of our eyes and this image reaches our brain and then our brain reflects the surrounding objects. understands. And this whole process happens in just a few milliseconds.

How many megapixels do our eyes have?

The topic in which we are writing a blog today, this topic would not have come to anyone’s mind if there was no camera in the market. Camera lenses are measured in megapixels. So this is in the mind of the people that if the camera has megapixels then why can’t our eyes? Well, then let us tell you that according to science, we have one eye of 24 thousand pixels and if we talk about both eyes, then both our eyes are of 576 thousand pixels. That is, both our eyes are of 576 megapixels.

I am sure that you must have understood that how many megapixels are our eyes (How Many Megapixels Is The Human Eye). But if you still have any query in your mind then you can feel free to ask us through comment section.

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