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dangerous railway track in world | Dangerous Railway Routes

Dangerous railway track in world : You must have traveled in a train many times in your life, and you must have enjoyed the view of the outside by sitting on the window sheet. And many times your train must have passed through such paths, due to which your mind must have been filled with excitement. But have you ever traveled on such a railway track that makes you face life while facing death ? Now you must be thinking that who would not want to travel in such dangerous roads, but do not panic, our engineers have made such a structure of railway line in such dangerous places, which has made railways on those difficult paths on the basis of their skills and science. The world of track has been laid where even nature has raised its hands. So let us introduce you to some such dangerous railway tracks which are known as the most dangerous railway track in the world. So let’s look at the pictures given below, we are going to tell you the top 5 most dangerous railway track in the world, which will blow you away.

1. Kuranda Scenic Railway Track

Dangerous Railway Track In World
Kuranda Scenic Railway Track

This railway track passes through Barron Gorge National Park in Australia. This railway track, connecting the two mountains, forms a very large bridge, which is bout deep on both sides. And the most special thing about the railway track is that there is a big water fall near this track itself. When the train passes through this track, the water of the spring leaves no stone unturned to get the passengers wet in the train, behind this wonderful shade of the track, there is also fear in the hearts of the people because from here the surrounding view is exciting. It is dangerous too.

2. Outeniqua Railway Track

Dangerous Railway Track In World
Outeniqua Railway Track

This railway track track takes you from the Autenikwa Railway Station to the Autenikwa Transport Museum in the country of South Africa. This train passes through this huge bridge and on both sides there is a very deep ditch, under which the river flowing and the train running above passes through many narrow paths. Which fills the mind of the passengers of this train with excitement, as well as many times people also feel scared during the journey in this train.

3. Chennai-Rameswaram Railway Track

Dangerous Railway Track In World
Chennai-Rameswaram Railway Track

was inaugurated in 1914. The Chennai-Rameswaram road runs between the sea for 2.5 km from one shore to the other. The Chennai Rameswaram rail route from Chennai to Rameswaram runs on the Pamban bridge, which is the most dangerous railway bridge in the world. Travelers traveling this route say the worst part of the ride is the delicate bridge hitting the train over the turbulent sea.

4. Train a las Nubes Railway Track

Dangerous Railway Track In World
Train a las Nubes Railway Track

This magnificent railway track travels from Argentina to A las Nubes, this railway track took 27 years to complete. And it is one of the most dangerous railway track in the world. In this railway track, the train passes through such a height, where the clouds are visible below. And you will be surprised to know that this track passes through a total of 21 tunnels and 13 bridges. Sometimes there are so many turns that the train appears to be moving on the tracks like a snake.

5. Georgetown Loop Railroad Railway Track

Georgetown Loop Railroad Railway Track
Georgetown Loop Railroad Railway Track

This railway track is built in Colorado, Rocky Mountains, USA. Which travels from Georgetown Railway Station to Silver Plum Railway Station. This railway track has been made to connect two mountains. And thousands of feet deep ditch below it and the train rushing above thrills everyone.

So this was the most dangerous railway track in world. Hope you find this information interesting and good, then do not forget to share this blog with your friends and relatives. And thank you wholeheartedly for visiting the blog till the end.

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